Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TodoToday for Teambox 1.0.0

TodoToday for Teambox 1.0.0 is now generally available on the Android Market.

TodoToday for Teambox is available as a Free Ad Supported release, and a Paid/Dontation Supported 'Pro' edition which removed the Ads and includes additional features.

TodoToday for Teambox supports:
  • View a prioritized lists of tasks across all projects and task lists
  • Filter the task list to show only the users assigned tasks
  • Filter the task list to show only due and overdue tasks 
  • Add new tasks to Projects / Task Lists.
  • Resolve, Hold, Reject and Delete active tasks
  • Postpone due and overdue tasks
  • Edit task details and assign tasks
  • Home Screen Widget to view the top priority tasks (Pro version only)

This is an initial "beta" quality release. Please report any issues and provide any feedback using the in app feedback, or contact the developer directly.

TodoToday for Teambox
TodoToday Pro for Teambox


  1. Hi! This app looks awesome, but it FC's after logging in on my Nexus S :(


    1. Do you still have the issue with v1.0.2 that was uploaded to the Android Market today?
      After logging in do you get the progress bar appear at the top of the screen - how far does it progress before FC? 1/4, 1/2, 3/4?

  2. Can you make it available for standalone teambox installations?

    1. Interesting suggestion, will take a look at what would be required to support connecting to a standalone install.

    2. This suggestion has been added to the Jabanaki Support forum where you can vote for the enhancement and provide additional comments


    3. Support for standalone Teambox servers has been added in TodoToday for Teambox release v1.3.0

  3. Hi,

    I would provide an option that allows to choose how many comments should be displayed. There are old comments I would like to see but I can't since only the newest are shown.