Notifications Reader
Notifications Reader gives your applications a voice. Augment the default application notification beeps, clicks, pops and chimes with customizable text-to-speech alerts. Use Notifications Reader to read text messages, say who a new email is from, or when announce when a background task is complete.

"You have a new email from John Doe. Lets meet for lunch today"
"New message from Jane: I'll be 10 minute late"
"Invoice.pdf download complete."

Custom notification rules define the desired text-to-speech behavior for system and application notifications. Several default rules are pre-configured, and as new application notifications are discovered new rules are automatically created that can be modified to change the text-to-speech output.

By using advanced notification matching patterns different speech output can be set depending on the content of the notification.


TodoToday is a light weight todo list task management application that actively synchronizes updates with various online todo list and project management services.

TodoToday is available as both free Ad supported release and a paid 'Pro' version which removes the ads and provide support for additional features*
(*Pro specific features may vary by version and can change over time)

Supported Online Task Services
TodoToday supports a number of online task management services. Each services is supported by a separate release of TodoToday.
*1 blocked api access for "TodoToday for Rememeber the Milk" citing violation of the terms of their api usage policy which prohibits duplicating services offered by
*2 removed support for their public API. A new API is promised, but not available yet.
*3 Cohuman was acquired by Mindjet. Re-released as TodoToday for Mindjet
*4 Producteev removed support for their public API. A new API is promised, but not available yet.

Why mutiple version of TodoToday?


Each version of TodoToday is available as a separate download to which works with an specific online task management service. Unlike other task management applications for Android that support synchronization with multiple online task service provides, each separate version of TodoToday is specific to a single task service provider. This means that that each version can be kept lighter weight and align more closely to the features and capabilities of each task service.

Where to download

The Jabanaki Software apps are made available on multiple Android market places: