Friday, May 13, 2011

TodoToday for Producteev 1.0.0

New Release: TodoToday for Producteev brings support for the Producteev online todo manager to the TodoToday family. 

TodoToday for Producteev is available as both a free, ad supported release, and a paid 'Pro' version with additional capability to edit task details. Features include:
  • View prioritized list of tasks from all available workspaces
  • Expand tasks to view additional information including labels an notes
  • Add new notes to a task
  • 'Hot' items are highlighed with the flame icon
  • Complete tasks
  • Postpone due and overdue tasks to the next day
  • Add new tasks using the Producteev smart task entry syntax e.g. "Call John next week ##phone ***"
  • Edit task details including due date and time, workspace and star priority rating  (*Pro version only) 
Available now on the Android Market (additional markets coming soon)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

TodoToday for 1.0.0

TodoToday for is now out of Beta, and the new 1.0.0 version has been released to the Android Market.

TodoToday for is now available as both a free, ad supported release, and a new paid 'Pro' version with additional features.

New in 1.0.0 is the ability to enter new tasks and actions to update existing tasks. By default TodoToday will now show all active tasks. A new settings option can be configured to reduce the number of tasks that are fetched and displayed.

  • Add new tasks using a smart add style syntax to include due date, project, context and priority in the task entry e.g. "Call John tomorrow #Personal @Phone !2"
  • Complete tasks
  • Postpone a task by one day
  • Reprocess a task to remove the due date and move it back to the Inbox
  • Add/Edit a note to a task
  • Edit the task details including the Due Date, Project, Context, and Priority (*Pro version only)

Users upgrading from the Beta will need to enable the Task Entry option in the Settings.

TodoToday for
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