Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming Soon: TodoToday for Teambox

Announcing the next addition to the TodoToday family of apps, TodoToday for Teambox is nearing completion.

Teambox is a power project management and collaboration tool with a rich set of tools and capabilities. TodoToday for Teambox Android application complements the online service to provides access to the users Task List for easy task review and entry.

As with the rest of the TodoToday applications, TodoToday for Teambox will be available as a Free Ad Supported release, and a Paid/Dontation Supported 'Pro' edition which removed the Ads and includes additional features.

TodoToday for Teambox supports:
  • View a prioritized lists of tasks across all projects and task lists
  • Filter the task list to show only the users assigned tasks
  • Filter the task list to show only due and overdue tasks  
  • Add new tasks to Projects / Task Lists.
  • Resolve, Hold, Reject and Delete active tasks
  • Postpone due and overdue tasks
  • Edit task details and assign tasks (Pro version only)
  • Home Screen Widget to view the top priority tasks (Pro version only)

Beta Release coming soon to the Android Market.

[UPDATE 17-Jan-2012]: Now available on the Android Market

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  1. cool! i've been looking for something like this for ages