Thursday, September 22, 2011

TodoToday for Checkvist 1.0.0

New Release: TodoToday for Checkvist has just been released to the Android Market

TodoToday for Checkvist is available as both a free, ad supported release, and a paid 'Pro' version with additional capability to edit task details. Features include:
  • View list of todo items from Checkvist
  • Expand list items the view notes, with clickable links 
  • Optionally view only dated items that are due or overdate  
  • Complete list items
  • Delete list items
  • Quickly add new tasks using keywords for dates. "Call John tomorrow" or "Phone Many on Monday"
  • Edit task name and due date  (*Pro version only) 
  • Home Screen Widget (*Pro version only)
TodoToday is intended to be a minimalist task manager to compliment the Checkvist service, focusing on getting things done by showing tasks that are due and allowing for basic task entry to capture new items.

Due to limitations of the Checkvist Open API not all Checkvist features are supported.

Available now on the Android Market (additional markets coming soon)

TodoToday for Checkvist (Ad supported)