Sunday, March 20, 2016

Notifications Reader 1.4.0

Notifications Reader release 1.4.0 is now available with several new features and enhancements.

Notifications History

The new Notifications History view shows all android notifications that Notifications Readers has processed in the last 24 hours with details of the rule matching status and the resulting text-to-speech output. 

Auto launch default notification action

The new "Launch default notification activity" option on the notification rule definition will automatically perform the default notification selection action 

Notification Reader application control

The Notifications Reader system notification has been enhanced improved status reporting and allows easy control to pause, resume and disable Notification Reader text-to-speech output

Tasker Plugin Enhancements

A new Tasker plugin event has been added for when the Text-to-speech output has starts speaking

Event lifecycle:

  1. Text-to-speech Started - occurs when the notification is posted and the text-to-speech output is queued for output
  2. Text-to-speech Speaking - occurs when the queued notification text-to-speech output begins speaking
  3. Text-to-speech Completed - occurs when the text-to-speech output has completed
  4. Text-to-speech Canceled - occurs if the text-to-speech output has been interrupted or canceled, e.g. using the shake to stop option. 
The Tasker plugin also sends addition information with the Started, Speaking, Completed and Canceled events which can be accessed in Tasker as Local Variables
  • %app_package - the package name of the application that created the notification
  • %rule_name - the name of the Notification Rule that matched the notification
  • %utterance_id - unique id for the text-to-speach output
  • %tts - the text of the text-to-speech output

For more information on using Tasker variables see


A new set of help links provide easy access to report an issue, suggest enhancements, or contact support