Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tasker/Locale Plugin for Notifications Reader

Hearing applications notifications spoken out loud is great, but there are times and places where you don't want Notifications Reader enabled.

With release 1.0.7, Notifications Reader now includes plugin support for Tasker (and Locale - untested) to set custom profiles for when Notifications Reader is enabled or disabled.

To add the Notifications Reader Plug-in Tasks to Tasker:
  1. Select to add a new Task
  2. Select the Plugin Actions Category
  3. Choose the Notifications Reader Plugin Action
  4. Edit the Action Configuration to choose the desired Action to turn Notifications Reader ON or OFF. 
You will probably want to create one task for both the ON and OFF Actions.

Alternatively you can import the Task definitions below by placing them in the Tasker/tasks folder on the device and choose the Task Import option (long press on the Tasks tab and select Import)
Tasker provides and incredibly powerful set of options to tailor exactly when Notifications Reader is enabled/disabled, for example:
  • Create a time based profiles to turn Notifications Reader OFF at night or other specific times of the day
  • Create a location based profiles to turn Notifications Reader ON/OFF at home or at work
  • Create a sensor based profiles to Notifications Reader on or off based on the orientation of the device; Face-up or Face-down

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