Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New App! Notifications Reader

Try the new Notifications Reader app. Now available on Google Play

Turn system and application notifications into hearable text-to-speech alerts

Notifications Reader gives your applications a voice. Augment the default application notification beeps, clicks, pops and chimes with customizable text-to-speech alerts. Use Notifications Reader to read text messages, say who a new email is from, or when announce when a background task is complete.

"You have a new email from John Doe. Lets meet for lunch today"
"New message from Jane: I'll be 10 minute late"
"Invoice.pdf download complete."

Custom notification rules define the desired text-to-speech behavior for system and application notifications. Several default rules are pre-configured, and as new application notifications are discovered new rules are automatically created that can be modified to change the text-to-speech output.

By using advanced notification matching patterns different speech output can be set depending on the content of the notification.

Notification Reader

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