Saturday, April 23, 2011

TodoToday for Toodledo 1.3.0

TodoToday for Toodledo 1.3.0 has just been released to the Android Market.

This release brings a number of new features; A new Edit Task option (Pro version only), the ability to Add/Update Notes to a task, and a new preference to control the viewing of additional tasks in additional to the default of just Due and Overdue.

  • TodoToday for Toodledo will now show all tasks from Toodledo by default. Use the new settings to reduce the number of tasks fetched, to just the due and overdue list.
  • Toodledo "Starred" tasks are now highlighted on the main task list. 
  • TodoToday Pro for Toodledo adds support for editing tasks. Most of the Toodledo task attributes are  supported. A settings option is available to disable any unused fields. 
  • Both the Pro and regular versions now provide the ability to add and update notes on a task.

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