Saturday, February 12, 2011

TodoToday for Todoist

New Release. Today for Todoist is the latest addition to the TodoToday collection.

TodoToday for Todoist is a simple todo list application to show current due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool Todoist.

TodoToday is intended to be a minimalist task manager focused on getting things done by showing only the tasks that are due and allowing for basic task entry to capture new tasks.

Supports a lite version of Smart Add for Task Entry. A task due date can be set by using keywords like today, tomorrow, or the day of the week. The task Project _must_ be set in the task entry using a # prefix, Priority can be indicated using a ! prefix. Labels can be included using the @ prefix e.g. "Call John #Personal !2 Monday @phone".

TodoToday for Todoist is available as both a free Ad supported release, and a paid 'Pro' Ad free/donation supported release.

TodoToday for Todoist

TodoToday for Todoist Pro
Available on the Android Market, AndroidPit

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